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Well said. And good riddance to Dr Holohan...a pompous bombastic and cruel man, a manipulator and a controller who seemed to glory in creating fear in the people, a fear that, in some, will take a very long time to go away, if ever.

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Tony Holohan reminds me of Patrick Neary, the financial regulator who took a lot of the heat when the Irish economy collapsed 15 years ago or so. Except, of course Holohan is still revered by most people, while Neary is reviled by anyone who still remembers who he was.

Maybe money is more important than health? Funny old world, as someone once said.

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Great farewell letter from Zelenko. Don't worship the golden calf. Unfortunately the medical establishment is on its knees before it, and sacrificing children to it, and they will be made, no doubt, as he says, to drink the powdered gold.

On virtue badging, I tutored a delightful and clever small boy from an excellent private school the other day. The private schools fell into the Church of Woke very early. They preach continually to the pupils.

Me: take out worksheet.

DB: Could you print on both sides in future?

Me: Is this to save the world from climate change?

DB: Yes.

Me: So are you going to ask to have fewer Christmas presents this year?

DB: No, no. I'm just not going to have them wrapped.

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