i read certain amount of this discussion but decided not to continue,i checked the date of issue,and realised-out of date stuff.i'm wide awake to the evils in humanity,no more jabs for me since jan.2020 or ever again,my family have fallen out with me,they believe the liars of RTE & HSE etc. there is NO virus,no measles virus,no smallpox,no hiv,no ebola ,no zica,they all are medical fraud,--see dr.amandha vollmer--dr.tom cowan--dr.sam bailey--dr steffan lanka--dr andrew kaufman--kevin corbett--doctors by the thousand are trying to warn you,go to bitchute.

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Been trying to contact the HSE to let them know my concerns. Is there an actual email address for these people? Phone calls resulted in them telling me to contact HPRA, but I’d like to copy these guys with my letter. I’m hoping it will be harder to ignore if I can send to multiple agencies.

Anyone feel the dam is cracking just a tad?

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Jul 16, 2022Liked by The West's Awake

Spot on, just saddens me that this HSE covid consultant can't shout from the rooftops what he knows, silence is consent in my eyes, and in 2022 this is the problem with everyone, they remain silent. Get the facts, get angry and get active, join locals and do a #holdtheline gathering or something, even just handing out leaflets full of facts, spread the Irish light paper about, anything otherwise this will continue forever. Thanks Gerry.

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How refreshing that someone is open to sharing their direct experience and concerns. What a pity that they felt too intimidated to use their name. I wonder how many more in the health services all over the world would speak out, if there wasn’t such an all pervading atmosphere of coercion? Thanks Gerry.

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Congrats on that v interesting interview with "HSE consultant' Gerry. A v helpful, balanced and nuanced understanding. He appears to be somebody who has what it takes to cleave to actual evidence rather than the all-too common alternative: sharing disingenuous noise and spin, whether passed on cynically or ignorantly as can be the case. What I find most difficult in navigating all of this stuff is that there is so much untruth *on both sides*. Why indeed do we have " sides" at all? With so many feeling more comfortable identifying with either extreme pole when most likely, the actual truth lies somewhere in the middle (as mostly invariably is the case in all matters). There is only one thing as wearying & unhelpful as the Govt/Global NGO/Pharna spin and that is the looney tune, QaNon end of the alternative narrative. In each case, fear is the currency and all real data is ignored. This article is so refreshing as alas much of the opposition to the official narrative out there is as dangerous and paranoid as the official line, just of an opposite hue. Indeed this WA chat page seems to me to be close to the latter pole a lot of the time. So particularly welcome to read this piece today. Thanks Gerry.

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Reassuring to hear that a qualified consultant sees what we do. I'm surprised that he hasn't been hunted down.

The most chilling revelation is that some vaccine injured are hiding the cause out of fear of discrimination. And I expect they're not wrong.

Well done getting the interview.

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Brilliant interview! Great questions. Honest answers.

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I’ve been following him on twitter for a long time. I wish that more people would speak out. In plain sight. We must stand up and use our voices and call out evil. This is evil, plain and simple.

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No mention of treatments in order to prevent the need for hospitalisation?

Not even vits D C


let alone ivermectin or hydroxychloriquine!

Excess deaths are now evidenced in all highly ''jabbed'' countries.

Also papers + discussions on the issue of ''jabbing'' into a pandemic which now seems to aggrevate the different strains of virus appearing more rapidly. Also (even in Ireland) papers showing that natural immunity is longer, stronger and more robust. IOW these ''jabs'' weaken natural immunity.

Thank you both for this interview. ''Dr'' Mike Ryan of WHO should be able to shed some light on origin of virus ? - very very few serious scientists, immunologists still think it came from an animal rather that it was a lab thing. Gain of function. Govs in EU do what they are told to do from afar.

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An interesting, and I would say a pretty accurate, insight into the Irish health service in 2022.

It's been a fascinating 2½ years for a layman like myself when respected organs of the state were shown to be completely untrustworthy. It meant I had to rely on my own instincts and intuition, while simultaneously trying to find and absorb often complex information way beyond my expertise and comfort zone.

What has struck me about covid-19 was the complete absence of any evidence that Ireland was really in the grip of a worldwide pandemic. When I say evidence I mean anything other than the relentless marketing in the press and broadcast media.

I used to work in marketing so I knew how long it takes to mount something as big and sophisticated as the multi-media campaign that hit us from March 2020 on. Creating, manufacturing and distributing all those posters, leaflets, stencils, newspaper/TV/radio ads, etc. would have taken far more preparation than the overnight roll-out suggests.

When the wearing of face masks was made compulsory in July 2020, it was already clear that the worst was over. Summer had arrived and the fatality stats were going down. So that was a red flag. Then when the legislation made no reference to the type or quality of face covering, that was another red flag that something was not right. The authorities did not seem to care whether we used an old pair of knickers to cover our nose and mouth as long as we used something. But why?

The CSO fatality rates for 2020 showed no change over previous years. In fact when the so-called covid deaths were subtracted from the figures, on the assumption that these people would not have died otherwise, the resulting number was unfeasibly low. When Leo Varadkar admitted that his government had exaggerated covid fatalities, it was crystal clear that covid-19 was not the threat it had been made out to be a few months earlier.

From day one I decided to ignore the hype and follow my own path. Sometimes fate played a part in this. During the summer of 2020, with the mask mandate being flagged, I asked my GP for a letter exempting me from wearing one. He refused saying that this measure was the government's attempt to look after my health! Then when I went into a supermarket one day and tried to squeeze some gel onto the basket handle, it went all over the floor instead. I have never used any of these gels since. Perhaps the lowest point came around October 2021 when I was refused treatment in an A&E department because I refused to wear a mask. Otherwise it's been a pretty positive experience all told and I am glad to say that my family and I are still alive and healthy.

And there have been other pluses. Those first few months of lockdown in 2020 meant less pollution and cleaner air than ever before. No planes in the sky, very few cars on the roads. Everything seemed quiet and still. It reminded me of what it must have been like to live in a pre-industrial era.

Luckily I had the time to research all sorts of related topics, which led me down some very strange byways. But the results have been mostly good and I would say that I have learnt more in the last 2½ years about myself and the world we live in than in the previous 65+ years of my life. A real education!

Having said that I am not sure what ultimately is behind the hysteria that descended on our country early in 2020. But I am very glad not to have succumbed to it. I am convinced it will pass as everything does and maybe then we will learn more.

I sympathise with the doctor you interviewed. He sounds like he is in the middle of an insane system that he can't quite figure out. I hope he finds peace of mind at least.

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