Good article.

Yes death figures are rising in many countries due to covid vaccinations. See books of evidence for courts at www.data-analytica.org/evidence.htm

Yes national sovereignty and individual sovereignty are dead, and replaced by slavery. Ireland is a slave nation now. There are strategic solutions which can overturn this and restore sovereignty but it will require a lot of work and commitment by many people in every county of Ireland. Read https://irish-independents.org/

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Do you know what it is compared to 2018 and 2019

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Gerry you did a first class job there with this piece. I became one of your paid subscribers when I read your first work back in October. My brain had to do physical jerks to understand this and I can see where you're heading. I can't understand one line in the table however, Natural increase. Keep going because you're onto something big

Just one thing, I refuse to acknowledge that what we all got last winter, that terrible dose that left us all losing our taste and smell and weak to the core was Covid 19, that's fiction in my belief. They've never isolated it and there is no test for it. So there. There are lots of theories floating about about what it might've been

I've taken to watching RIP for the three towns around where I live and there is a deffinite increase in sudden deaths and younger looking people. Its happening so slowly that normies won't spot it (also the fact that some are dying by different illnesses)

We can only watch on in horror

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Thanks Gerry

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