What's going on in Ukraine?

My Interview with Ex-CIA and counter-terrorism analyst Larry Johnson.


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Larry C. Johnson is a veteran of the CIA and the State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism. He is the founder and managing partner of BERG Associates, which was established in 1998. Larry provided training to the US Military’s Special Operations community for 24 years. Over the years, he has been vilified by both the right and the left, which means maybe he is doing something right. His website A Son of the New American Revolution has been providing consistent, informative and counter-narrative material on the war in Ukraine over the past few months.

Alex Christoforou hosts the popular podcast and Youtube channel The Duran which many Irish readers may well be familiar with over the last six months. Alex recently referenced an article Larry Johnson penned called:


It is a piece that looks at the detailed time & planning this Kharkov offensive would’ve taken in advance of executing. Larry’s take is a little different to the mainstream media’s portrayal to say the least. And it is the jumping off point for our discussion. We also take a look at the general geopolitical climate in the world and some of the challenges people can expect to face in the coming months. This my first video in awhile so hopefully you’ll find it useful.

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